Managing Your Credit Card

Update Credit Card

You can update your credit card information in your online account at any time. You can also update your credit card information on all your pre-orders up to 5 days before the order ships from our warehouse.

1. Sign into your online account - select the Update Credit Card button in your My Profile area.

2. Update your CC info then select the Update Card button. The next screen will show any standing pre-orders that can be updated with your new credit card info.

3. Select the checkbox next to the order you wish to change and click the ‘Update’ button.

--No applicable pre-orders? The screen will just confirm that you have updated your CC info.

Edit Pre-order Info

If attempt to update your account right before an order ships, you may see the message 'Item shipping soon. Order can not be updated. Please contact us'. This means your order is currently processing and you'll need to contact us 855-SIDESHOW (US) and 1-805-214-2100 (INTNL) 

Delete Credit Card 

Sign into your online account - and in the Payment Method area of check out, select the check 'Delete Credit Card' box prior to submitting your order. Once the order is submitted the system will remove your credit card info.

Please note you will have to repeat this process, for every future order. This option may also interfere with our streamlined check out by delaying the check out process.