Sideshow Rewards Program

How to Earn Rewards: Rewards can be earned on almost every product that we sell through our online store. Eligible items can earn you at least 5%, that adds up fast! More info on our site here.

How to view my Rewards?: After Signing in to your account the Rewards Points can be located in ‘My Promotional Wallet’ under 'My Rewards Points' or through the ‘Manage Your Account’ drop down menu.

Your Sideshow Rewards Area in your online account displays your ‘Available Rewards,’ those ready to redeem, and your ‘Pending Rewards,’ which will be available 40 days after you received your item(s). You can view detailed information about pending rewards at the bottom of the Rewards page. After clicking on "My Reward Points" you can opt in to having a monthly reward point statement e-mailed to you.

Redeem Rewards at Checkout: Our Rewards System is fully automated online thus rewards can only be applied online, before completing the order...

1. Select Rewards from 'Coupons, Gift Cards & Rewards' drop down menu

2. Simply Enter the dollar value of points you would like to apply -up to the max product price.

3. Click ‘Apply my points!' and the 'I agree to the rules!' check box, to enter into the Flex pay program. (Terms and Conditions, here)

If Rewards Points are applied to final payments on Flexpay orders. The total discount will be divided by the number of payments. For more information please see the Terms and Conditions of the Re program.


Rewards cannot be used towards any type of shipping or taxes

Rewards cannot be restored if your item is cancelled for any reason.