Promo & Coupon Restrictions

  1. They can only be redeemed Online.
    E-coupons can only be redeemed through transactions online. They cannot be redeemed over the phone or added to your order after it is submitted.

  2. They Have Expiration Dates.
    E-coupons have a specific time frame in which the coupon can be used. This is usually designated by an expiration date or the phrase “while supplies last.” If your code is not working it may be that you are using it past its expiration date or the supplies have been exhausted.

  3. They have Set discounts for specific items.
    E-coupons are advertised with a specific discount amount of the product price only. E-coupons are not applicable towards shipping costs, taxes or import fees. The promotional materials with the offer will also state if they can be used on a general selection or items or if they are tied to a specific item. If your code is not working it may be that you are using it for the wrong item.

  4. You can only use them one time.
    We ask that you redeem your e-coupon carefully because all of our e-coupons are one time use only. No exceptions. If you have used an e-coupon on an order you have canceled, you cannot reuse that coupon on a new order nor will that coupon be restored or reactivated. If you have already used this coupon before, you will receive a window with the Warning “It appears that you have already used the coupon. Try again.”

  5. You can only use One Per order.
    Only one e-coupon or discount (rewards, gift cards, rebates, shipping specials, promotions, certificates, site discounts, etc.) can be used per transaction. If more than one discount is applied it will be manually adjusted in-house before processing your order.

  6. Coupons may be specific to your account.
    Some coupons (for example: those that begin with ORG) may be tied to the specific account which earned the discount and will not be able to be used by other accounts. This means the discount is not transferable to others or can it be used by you through other online accounts. If this occurs you may get a warning stating “Coupon is not valid for this user or through this online account.”

  7. Coupons cannot be used on Waitlist reservations.
    E-coupons are not redeemable on Waitlist Reservations. Since these are reservations, not guaranteed orders, the request may never be fulfilled and therefore the e-coupon will be blocked from use on an actual order.

  8. Coupons are invalid on certain orders.
    E-coupons can not be applied to standing pre-orders, completed/shipped orders, on waitlist reservations or in combination with any other discounts, including but not limited to site discounts, Rewards, other coupons, gift cards, etc.

Please note: Customers who choose to cancel their pre-orders to reorder using an e-coupon may risk being able to re-order as our limited edition stock sells out quickly. If a customer has an item on pre-order that is SOLD OUT and the client then cancels their order in an attempt to apply an e-coupon, our system will immediate allocate that item to the first person on the item’s waiting list.