What Is a Waitlist?

Since our products have small world-wide editions, many lines tend to sell through before they even reach our warehouse. However, items may become available at the time of shipping, due to canceled orders, credit card declines, warehouse inventory discrepancies, etc. These items are then offered to individuals who have reserved a place in a queue line, or wait list, for that product.

Waitlist reservations are not an official Sideshow order and will only be fulfilled if an item becomes available.

When you reserve an item through our Wait List system, you will receive a confirmation screen, followed by an e-mail with a reservation number beginning with the letter 'W'. This indicates that you are only on the Wait list for the item and do not have a confirmed order.

Any customers who submit a Waitlist Reservation will be bound by the program’s Terms and Conditions upon submitting the reservation, and therefore are encouraged to review the Terms prior to completing a reservation.